Jul 8, 2015

Windows 10 Build 10162: Audio issue detailed

After some in-depth analysis, I've found that the registry data actually does not get corrupt, but it is not updated and synchronized as it should.

When you change an audio configuration in Windows, it is applied to both the driver and the audio engine.

The bug affects this process: the driver configuration is updated but the audio engine is not.

However, if you change the bit depth keeping the same sample rate, the configuration is properly updated.

I wrote a small utility dubbed "Audio Format Utility" as a proof of concept.

It reads the stream format data from all audio render (output) devices present in your system and displays both Driver and (Audio) Engine values.

You can clearly see the configuration mismatches when audio playback is not working.

Changed from 5.1 to Stereo, no audio:

Changed from 24-bit, 44100 Hz to 24-bit, 192000 Hz, no audio:

Changed from 24-bit, 192000 Hz (above) to 16-bit, 192000 Hz. Audio output now works.

I've said before and repeat here.

Personally, I think Microsoft is screwing up this release.

It's all about making money with the Windows Store and release the unfinished OS as fast as possible.

So close to RTM, Windows 10 suffers from such annoying silly bug in its audio subsystem.

Edit: the issue was fixed in build 10166 and 10240.

Download Audio Format Utility (AudioFrmtU.zip)
CRC32: 927E2237
SHA-1: 825875D4CE90C631E6A4F41CE33DA1A38A2444FE
Mirror: Google Drive


Anonymous said...


Is this issue related to the fact that I no longer have the "sync with windows" option in the audio console? Like setting windows to 5.1 but drivers to stereo, which I could do in winXP.

Daniel Kawakami said...


Sort of.

The difference is that Windows Vista or later does it internally and both the driver and audio engine MUST be synchronized otherwise there is an audio format error (driver expects 44100 Hz but Windows sends 96000 Hz stream or driver expects Stereo but receives 5.1).

MerolaC said...

Daniel, this bug has been fixed in todays W10 build (10166)

Thank you for the continuous support!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply!

I'm on Win7 btw. The loss of functionality has been driving me up the wall because the headphone setting still works like WinXP did (windows = 5.1, drivers = headphone). I tried running the utility you posted in order to see why headphones still work, but the process exits straight away on Win7.

This is a big pain because I'm forced to manually switch windows settings between stereo and 5.1 when toggling between entertainment and gaming modes. Stupid Creative and Microsoft!!! Hopefully, creative releases a new driver that makes stereo work like headphones.

Anonymous said...

Build 10166 fixed this issue for me.

alessandro micali said...

Thank Daniel!

Anonymous said...

i think this audio bug is fix in windows10 10166

ViTz said...

Looks like the newest build 10240 fixes this issue.

Anonymous said...

Well MS is screwing many things big time in windows 10 but they don't admit that.
Instead then they will tell us to get updated drivers for windows 10 ...

Anonymous said...

The latest preview seem to be fixed; it doesn't seem to exhibit this problem anymore.

Anonymous said...

I just experienced this bug yesterday, and used your fix to succesfully correct the problem.

I had the issue with my "VIA HD Audio" chip, which worked fine after the initial install of the 29th-July windows 10 release version.
After which i changed the sample/bit-rate to my preference after which sound still worked.

A couple hours later my sound was suddenly gone after it later seemed windows pushed a driver update for my sound chip.
(windows didn`t suggest there was anything wrong with the device as you mentioned, and my other sound device (AMD HD Audio-thru HDMI) still worked)

As it seems the driver-update, which reverts the driver to the default setting doesn`t properly update the windows setting accordingly, or doesn`t properly respect the windows-mixer setting.

Anyway very many thanks for the tool, and giving me back the sweet sound of music. :)