Jul 18, 2020

New Sound Blaster Z, Zx and ZxR drivers

This software/driver pack is unofficial, not supported by Creative Labs.
Use it at your own risk.

Supports the Sound Blaster Z, Sound Blaster Zx and Sound Blaster ZxR cards

Operating Systems supported (32-bit and 64-bit editions):

- Windows 10
- Windows 8.1
- Windows 8
- Windows 7

Items that will be installed: 

- Creative Sound Blaster Z/Zx/ZxR driver, dated 05/14/2020
- Sound Blaster Z-Series Control Panel 2.15.04
- Sound Blaster Speaker Setup 1.00.08

- Creative ALchemy 1.45.20
- Creative Diagnostics 5.11.31
- Dolby Digital Live Pack 4.01.00
- DTS Connect Pack 2.01.00
- Host OpenAL 2.03.01

Fixes and improvements:

- Driver probably fixes audio drop issue on X570 systems when system memory is overclocked. No, it doesn't.

- This is an unreleased driver I've managed to download from Creative before it was pulled (was packed with SB Command by mistake).

Updated many shared components.

Downloads for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 (non-WHQL driver):

Sound Blaster Z and Sound Blaster Zx:

Filename: SBZ_CD_L13_1_01_12.7z
File size: 52.8 MB 
CRC32 hash: 427E5397
SHA-1 hash: BDD58F4EDDA37675F5D76240E8ACE3D38D63FB34

Mirrors: MediaFire

Sound Blaster ZxR:

Filename: SBZxR_CD_L13_1_01_07.7z
File size: 52.7 MB 
CRC32 hash: E06DF524
SHA-1 hash: 68ADA8449BDB6C44B0265453DB8CCDD078771DC4

Mirrors: MediaFire

Downloads for Windows 10 (WHQL driver):

For Sound Blaster Z and Sound Blaster Zx:

Filename: SBZ_CD_L13_1_01_12_W10.7z
File size: 52.8 MB 
CRC32 hash: 43EE5F7A
SHA-1 hash: 41972F11DCBDC0158F9035875C314BC099EE337A

Mirrors: MediaFire

For Sound Blaster ZxR:

Filename: SBZxR_CD_L13_1_01_07_W10.7z
File size: 52.8 MB 
CRC32 hash: C0322DC3
SHA-1 hash: 497CE323263C8A7F9B2F75F93849B03A2ABBC2E3

Mirrors: MediaFire

All files are property of Creative Technology Ltd, unless otherwise noted.

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