Aug 25, 2014

Intel GMA 4500 Series Feature Pack for Windows 8 / 8.1

This pack is unofficial, not supported by Intel Corporation.
Use it at your own risk.

This Feature Pack restores the CUI (Common User Interface) and OpenGL support for the (Mobile) Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Graphics.

With this pack, you will be able to configure the Intel graphics controller like you did on Windows 7 and to run OpenGL software and games such as Minecraft and Angry Birds.

No more dealing with hacked drivers and their issues with Netflix or similar services/apps.

Supported graphic controllers:

- Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 / X4500 / X4500HD
- Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M / 4500MHD

Supported chipsets:

- Intel® B43 Express Chipset
- Intel® G41 Express Chipset
- Intel® G43 Express Chipset
- Intel® G45 Express Chipset
- Intel® Q43 Express Chipset
- Intel® Q45 Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® GL40 Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® GS40 Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® GS45 Express Chipset

WARNING: Uninstall is NOT supported.

Requires driver version from Windows Update to be properly installed, otherwise setup will quit.


Filename: 4500-setup.exe
File size: 8.1 MB
CRC32 hash: B445F3C3
SHA-1 hash: DB504C71E80616DE1A1D448EF040553D4EDD5129

Mirrors: Google Drive

Setup script and helper DLL are property of Daniel Kawakami.

All other files included are property of Intel Corporation.


M Pavlov said...

Hi and thanks for your great work! Since Uninstall is not supported can the Intel GMA 4500 Series Feature Pack be removed by just deleting it from Program files folder or using System Restore?


Daniel Kawakami said...

Hi, System Restore should be able to revert the changes.

There are a couple of reasons I didn't implement an uninstall procedure.

- haven't found any issues.

- the files are installed in the System32 directory, as it is supposed to be.

- official releases do not support
a driver only installation anyway.

- took months to reach a final release, just for the installation procedure. Got enough of it.

Maybe I release an updated pack with uninstall support, no ptomises, though.

M Pavlov said...

Thanks for your answer and good work again!

finvarra said...

Sorry for posting here... but I didn't find a place to comment on the creative driver post. Do you have a driver that will work with the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD USB Audio System with SBX SB1240? Neither of the downloads found the device. The official driver is totally buggy (dropouts, crackles, etc) with my unit. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Filename: 4500-setup.exe
File size: 8.05 MB
CRC32: 6AD3FE37
SHA-1: 45583D6CFCB0DFA53DED4A84DC593EAF1956F9A0

Please re-up.Thanks.

leshcat said...


Hi there, my name is Dzenisevich Aliaksei aka "leshcat", founder of - community for modded AMD+Intel Drivers. I found your work interesting and would like to discuss with you future of your Modded Drivers.

Since i could not find any email to contact with you directly, please write me any time: dzenisevich|dot|aliaksei|ape|gmail|dot|com



Anonymous said...

Hi, though i don't own win 8 / intel 4500 i'm interested in problems that exist on modern pc's

I'm sitting on nvidia optimus laptop (intel 4000 + gf 660m) with windows 7.

What's the problem of 4500 under win8? They've dropped OGL support? Why?

Anonymous said...

Pretty much like Creative, Intel have just decided not to support it.

The in-box driver is a basic driver, no OpenGL support or Control Panel.

With this "Feature Pack", OpenGL works and so does the Control Panel.

Brandon said...

Worked with Windows 10 Tech preview. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


can not download the 4500-setup.exe from the provided link. Please check the link. Any other source?


Anonymous said...

hi, i installed the driver and now have the intel control panel on windows 8.1 which i did not have before installing your driver.

However, when i check the driver version it says which i thought was the same version as the old driver.

Could you tell me what version your driver is suppose to update to?


Daniel Kawakami said...

This is NOT a driver update.

It is a pack that restores the Control Panel and OpenGL support.

leshcat said...

Daniel, please contact me. My profile is opened for contacting.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks, Daniel. Great work on this btw, intel should hire you!

Sorry if this is a dumb question as you said this isn't a driver update, but i am wondering if there is any performance gain with using this update?

There is a driver for the 4500mhd called RoyalBNA driver which claims to beef up the performance of the chip and also adds a few things to its capabilities. Unfortunately, i can't seem to install it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, i forgot to add. I have noticed that IE11 crashes on exit with this update when IE is set to use hardware acceleration. Disabling this option in IE11 solves the problem.

With google chrome i have noticed the screen flash momentarily when chrome is first loaded, so it appears that chrome is using hardware acceleration with your update.

Daniel Kawakami said...


Sorry but I'm not contacting anyone.

Just say it and I'll answer when I have some time.

Daniel Kawakami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
leshcat said...

>Sorry but I'm not contacting anyone.



My name is Dzenisevich Aliaksei aka "leshcat", founder of - community for modded AMD+Intel Drivers. I found your work interesting.

In other words, i 'd like to re-publish your driver while keeping all credentials but in format of all-in-one package with private signature.

If you feel interested - let me know.

Daniel Kawakami said...


No, I'm not interested.

I like the way things are now.

Appreciate the offer, though.

Daniel Kawakami said...


I'll publish only the comments related to my Feature Packs.

Although you can use older drivers with Windows 8, 8.1 or even 10, there
are far more issues than simply using the driver published on Windows Update.

Issues with Power management, Modern (Metro) apps, Netflix, just to name a few.

That is why I've created this.

About the crashes, maybe the Control Panel installation itself changes some settings related to hardware acceleration.

My testing procedure was limited to see if the Control Panel loads and runs properly and all its features work and to play some DirectX and OpenGL games.

Try to enable acceleration and change the driver performance settings.

Anonymous said...

I have an intel gma 4500 mhd graphics chipset in my laptop running windows 8.1.

I had originally used the stock drivers that install automatically with windows 8, but i was having problems with sleep and hibernation.

After a few sleeps/hibernates, when i would try to turn my laptop on i would get a black screen with flashing white cursor in the top left of the screen. I would then have to switch my laptop off, and then on again, in order to be able to get into windows. Sometimes this would happen on numerous occasions and it got very frustrating trying to be able to use my laptop again.

I would like to report that your driver solved this problem! I now have no issues with sleep/hibernate and can them them without fear of my laptop black screening on me!


Dev-Kid said...

Thanks Mate, for now it works great on my Lenovo Thinkpad X200 using Windows 8.1 x64:) I appreciate your work!

Rodrigo said...

Hello! I'm here just to thank you for your work. The driver works like a charm on my Win8.1 Pro. Keep up the great work!

GSinMT said...

Daniel --

Thanks a ton. I installed this on a Dell Optiplex 760 with a GMA 4500 I bought at a garage sale on Friday for $3. Now my kid can play Minecraft on Windows 10 with this cheap, ancient machine.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks. Just installed it on a Lenovo X200T running Windows 10 GA, and am able to get OpenGL running for Minecraft.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic... solved a problem caused by Intel 3 years ago, much nicer than hacked drivers.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for this driver. You have given a whole new lease of life to those of using still using the good old gma 4500mhd.

Do you plan to release an updated driver for windows 10? If so, there is something you may want to look into before publishing it.

I have noticed with this driver on windows 8.1, that if my laptop is left on constantly for 4-5 days, the graphics start to become corrupted in windows. For example, strange colours appear, or parts of the taskbar disappear. It reminds me of when something runs out of memory and then you start getting errors, although i have adequate memory (4gb) so i know it's not that.

Lurtz said...

I guess this should work on Windows 10, too? I tried installing it but Windows still keeps the preinstalled Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family driver installed. Is there a way to force Windows 10 to use this driver here instead?

Anonymous said...

Excellent work! I have a Dell Latitude e6500 with Intel 4 Series Express. I upgraded to windows 10 and spent a lot of time trying to install hacked drivers to get opengl working. Finally came across this and it works beautifully. Tested it using minecraft demo and aida64. I am very happy. Thank you so much!

Daniel Kawakami said...

@Lurtz: This is not a driver.

It's an add-on: restores the Intel Display Control Panel and OpenGL support.

Didn't personally try it yet on Windows 10, but can't see why it wouldn't work.

Andreas S. said...

Daniel, you are fantastic! You just saved my life - or at least the life of my notebook. :-) I upgraded to Windows 10 and suddenly OpenGL didn't work anymore. My notebook is 5 years old and some say that's almost ancient, but I don't think so. It still works perfectly for my everyday work and all I needed was OpenGL. Now I can keep it hopefully for another couple of years. Thanks a million! Btw do you have a donation button? I cant't find one.

Anonymous said...

This does work with windows 10. I tried it. But I have since gone back to windows 8.1 as i didn't like 10.

Unknown said...

works with windows 10 flawlessly! Thank you!
I know this might be asking too much but is there any hint of how you modified and sign this driver?