Aug 25, 2014

Intel GMA 950, 3000/3100/3150, X3000/X3100/X3500 Series Feature Pack for Windows 8 / 8.1

This pack is unofficial, not supported by Intel Corporation.
Use it at your own risk.

This Feature Pack restores the CUI (Common User Interface) and OpenGL support.

With this pack, you will be able to configure the Intel graphics controller like you did on Windows 7 and to run OpenGL software and games such as Angry Birds.

No more dealing with hacked drivers and their issues with Netflix or similar services/apps.

Supported graphic controllers:

- Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950
- Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3000
- Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3000
- Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3100
- Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
- Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
- Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3500

Supported chipsets:

- Intel® Atom™ D400 and Intel® Atom™ D500 Series
- Intel® Atom™ N400 and Intel® Atom™ N500 Series
- Intel® 945G Express Chipset
- Intel® 945GC Express Chipset
- Intel® 945GT Express Chipset
- Intel® 945GZ Express Chipset
- Intel® 946GZ Express Chipset
- Intel® G965 Express Chipset
- Intel® Q965 Express Chipset
- Intel® Q963 Express Chipset
- Intel® G33 Express Chipset
- Intel® G31 Express Chipset
- Intel® G35 Express Chipset
- Intel® Q33 Express Chipset
- Intel® Q35 Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® 940GML Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® 943GML Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® 945GME Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® 945GMS Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® 945GSE Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® GLE960 Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® GL960 Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® GM965 Express Chipset
- Mobile Intel® GME965 Express Chipset

WARNING: Uninstall is NOT supported and was not tested personally by me, although should be harmless, try it at your own risk.

Requires driver version from Windows Update to be properly installed, otherwise setup will quit.


Filename: 950-3000-setup.exe
File size: 6.6 MB
CRC32 hash: 7ADAD236
SHA-1 hash: F7D2C7248EC6531F941B259DE8CE72CC8B6A52F1

Mirrors: Google Drive

Setup script and helper DLL are property of Daniel Kawakami.

All other files included are property of Intel Corporation.

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